2012 Binational Health Week in Kansas City, KS

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2012 Binational Health Week in Kansas City, KS

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From Oct. 9 to Oct. 12, various community-based organizations, health care providers, and volunteers came together at the Mexican Consulate in Kansas City to promote health education initiatives, provide immunizations and medical screenings to people without medical insurance.  The Secretary of Health and Foreign Affairs of Mexico and the Institute of Mexicans Abroad were some of the main partners for Binational Health Week. Juntos Center joined the community and government efforts to bring in three programs to educate the community on Breast Cancer, Smoking Cessation and Immunizations

A Crucial Catch Breast Cancer initiative was educating women on the importance of having a mammogram and clinical breast exam periodically and referring qualified women for free mammograms. Smoking Cessation was measuring the level of monoxide in the lungs of smokers and providing information on the existing resources to quit smoking. Lastly, the Immunizations booth was giving out child immunization schedules and emphasizing the importance of being up to date on children’s and adults’ schemes.




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