College so far….perspectives from interns

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College so far….perspectives from interns

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Diosselyn Tot:

So far my semester at KU has been great. I’ve learned many things throughout this semester. I’ve gotten to really know the person I am, I’ve learned that new atmospheres can take you by surprise, and I’ve learned new educational skills to succeed in college. Going to college and living in campus is a change that lets you learn about yourself. You get to know what things interested you, what things you dislike, how you interact with others, etc. Little by little you get to know who you really are as a person. Furthermore, being in a new atmosphere can challenge you, but not in a bad way. For me, it challenge me to the sense of my comfort zone, I had to step out of the boundaries I had built and hadn’t realize were there. Attending a white-dominant university can be different, especially when you are a minority but you always find people, which is the good side about it. It helps you gain more people skills and get ready for the real world experiences in careers. In addition, school prepares you for this as well with their classes and their requirements. It may be difficult to adjust at first but throughout you will learn to enjoy it. You journey for your rest of your life begins here.

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