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Multicultural Night: Community through Common Unity

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Common + Unity = Community

Every year, students from the different High Schools in Wyandotte County participate in three programs directed by Marcia Pomeroy. Each program, Summer Science & Math Residential Academy, General Clinical Research Center, and SEPA Camp Path0logical, has a different curriculum, but they come together for one event, Multicultural Night.

Multicultural Night is an event meant to expose the students to an array of different cultures while allowing them to showcase their talents to their friends and family. Each year has a different theme that is integrated by the different acts. This year’s theme of Community through Common Unity was seen from the opening to the closing act.

The opening act was performed by the students from the Summer Science & Math Residential Academy. They choreographed a dance to expose the night’s theme with a flare of style. As the crowd clapped their hands to the beat of music, one of the students directed his classmates to raise the signs they each held. As the students moved around the stage and the music ended, the students spelled out “Common + Unity = Community” (Click Here for a link to the Slide Show of the event).

As the night continued, each performance was proceeded by a wave of applauses. Totaling 16 performances, the acts ranged from dances to comedy skits. Some of the acts introduced the crowd to traditions of other cultures, such as the Lion Dance, in which two lions were led down the aisles to the front stage by the beat of a drum and cymbals, and a smiling Buddha. Other performances paid tribute to love and friendship, like Alicia Key’s “No One” interpreted into three languages: English, Spanish, and Hmong. The performances did not limit themselves to passive teaching, but also to challenging the role that race plays on our lives. For example, a group of students recited a poem titled “Who Am I?” to express the way people of mixed race experience confusion when it comes to personal identity, feelings similar to that of children of immigrants who may feel torn between two nations.

With the night approaching its end to the performance of an original song, students made their way down to the stage and then the lights went out. Suddenly, the sound of the guitar came back to life and more students came down the aisles clapping with glow sticks in their wrists and glow in the dark headbands. It was then that the students on the front stage picked up a sign saying “Unity :)” while others on the back had new signs saying, “Common + Unity = Community,” all in fluorescent letters for the crowd to see in the dark. The group in the front would put down the signs and let another group pick them back up, each time spreading their message with words that would further emphasize the night’s theme. With the final words being “common plus unity equals community,” the lights came back on for the students to bow to the audience and then night came to an end to the sound of thunderous applause.

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