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Donnelly College Back to School Health Fair

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On Saturday September 21st, JUNTOS staff members attended the Donnelly College Back to School Health Fair in Kansas City. First of all we would like to thanks to the more than 20 nursing students that volunteered and the Donnelly College for having us; we had a great time serving the community at this event. arriving to the conference room we transformed the site into a health fair. At the health fair we provided basic health screenings (BMI, blood glucose, and blood pressure), as well as educational information on healthy lifestyles, nutrition and dental care and dental application of fluoride varnish. In addition we had two doctors on-site, Dr. Martinez and Dr. Gutierrez, assessing participants at high risks for diabetes and hypertension.
Saturday morning everyone was up and ready to help for the day. We made the final preparations to start receiving people at 9 am. Once we opened our doors, we continued to help until 3 pm., changing stations after every shift depending on the person’s abilities.

By the end of the two-day fair we screened/registered 42 people from KS.

Special thanks go out to ALL of our volunteers from Donnelly College and JUNTOS members. This event was a great success and it would not have been possible without the collaboration of all our partners.

Our next events will be in October 5th in Wichita and Topeka, KS. For more information please refer our facebook page:

If you are interested on volunteering, please contact Andrea D’Achiardi (913) 948-1737, Alejandro Gutierrez (913) 945-7065, Victor Martinez at (913) 945-7873 or go to the webpage

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