Summer interns attend the Frida Kahlo Exhibition

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Summer interns attend the Frida Kahlo Exhibition

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On June 13, 2012, the interns from our summer internship program went to the Nelson Atkins museum for the Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera exhibition. The interns were able to see a vast collection of famous Mexican artist, including Kahlo and Rivera,  and observe other collections such as contemporary  art and the Chinese mural. After a long morning of seeing art collections, the interns had lunch at the patio of the museum.

The interns day started very early in the morning by meeting at the Endowment Building at nine. Family Medicine interns, as well, joined us and we all boarded the bus together. As soon as we got to the museum the interns were up and ready to go in and see the exhibition. As we went in, we all admire the different types of art welcoming us in. And as soon as we went into the Kahlo and Rivera exhibition we soon learned that this was a collection of the Gelmans’, whom celebrated the rich artistic traditions of the Mexico art of yesterday and today.

The exhibition included Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and masterpieces of modern Mexico. Students got to learn more on the background. In addition, Dr. Cupertino shared her knowledge on the celebrated art pieces. The interns learn a lot on the biography of Frida Kahlo and  Diego Rivera and their contributions to the era they were alive in.

As we went through the exhibition, the interns were able to learn more about the Mexican culture and got to see new improvise art. They saw art on tires, photography, drawings, etc. After the exhibition of Mexican masterpieces, the interns went to explore the contemporary arts collection. They saw usage of different art medias and were astonished by the great creativity that these art pieces represented from each and every artist. At the end, the interns were able to go see the Chinese mural and see the collection of art surrounding it.

Wrapping up the morning, the interns had lunch at the museum’s patio and enjoyed their lunch by relaxing and commenting upon the different collection and exhibition they just seen. They were able to interact with one another and take many pictures. Overall, the interns had a lot of fun, enjoyed the exhibition, and enjoyed their mini-nap they were able to take on the bus ride back to the Endowment Building.

By Diosselyn Tot

Summer Internship Assistant Coordinator

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