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UAEM Visit to Kansas City

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From Thursday, April 11th to Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 we had a visit from the Universidad Autonóma del Estado de Morelos (UAEM). Our guests were:
Dr. Rodolfo Gatica Principal of the School of Medicine
Dr. Jesus Santa-Olalla Head of Graduate Studies and Research of the School of Medicine
Dr. Martha Andalco Academic Secretary of the School of Medicine
Dr. Patricia Castillo Academic Secretary of the UAEM
Dr. Norma Juarez Director of International Cooperation and Development of the UAEM.

On Friday April 12th, we organized a tour at the University of Kansas Medical Center. We began our visit at the Ovarian Cancer Research Laboratory, were we met Dr. Kathy Roby. She explained her current research approach regarding ovarian cancer, emphasizing in multidisciplinary groups.

Next, we visited the Nursing Clinical Learning Lab and Neis Clinical Lab, were we met with Dr. Mary Meyer. Our guests had the opportunity to see these labs that are equipped with the latest computer technology in the form of both tablets and computers on wheels, allowing students to document care in a simulated electronic record at the point of care. It includes home-health areas, a birthing bay and a critical care room with a human patient simulator. They currently have an adult, a birthing, and a baby simulator.

After that we had a chance to tour the Clendening History Museum of Medicine which houses an extensive collection of artifacts illustrating healing and medicine across historical time and through the variety of human cultures. Among the strengths of the collection are instruments from nineteenth and twentieth-century American medicine, with special emphasis on medical practice in Kansas. In fact, they hold an original copy of “De Humani Corporis Fabrica” by Andreas Vesalius.




After a quick coffee break, we continued our tour at the OB/GYN unit. We met Dr. Carl Weiner, who personally walked us through the whole unit. This unit is equipped with labor suites that combine comfort and state-of-the-art technology, to provide the highest level of patient service.  Our Mexican guests were really impressed and exited with all the research and infrastructure found at KUMC.

Continuing our activities on Monday April 15th, we took our guests to visit the Children’s Mercy Hospital. They have more than 40 pediatric specialty services, a neonatal intensive care unit, and a trauma center. Our Mexican guests were impressed, because from the beginning the building does not look like a hospital. They really have the children’s comfort as their main priority.

After the tour, we had a meeting with the executive board, including Dr. Randall O’Donnell CEO and Dr. Karen Cox Vice President. We had a chance to discuss the goals of the agreement, and what measures need to be implemented in order to achieve them.
Our guests also had the chance to meet and interact with the Head Consul Alicia Kerber.

We are very glad to have hosted our Mexicans guests visit. Hope we see you soon!

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