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Winter Break with Juntos

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Diosselyn Tot:

This winter break of 2012, I was able to help out with a research paper focusing on Latinidad and the meaning of being Latino from the point of view of immigrants.  First, I worked on doing a research poster of this paper. Then, I helped with developing tables and figures for the paper itself.

After we were done with that, I was able to help Natalia and Maria on doing some literature review for other research works. Some of the literature reviews I did were for decision-making on breast cancer tests and internships for underrepresented students. Furthermore, by doing literature reviews, I learned to work with the Endnote program. I learned to put in information and abstract information of the program to put into other papers.

I was also given the opportunity to work on newsletters for Juntos and Riverview Health Services. With the Juntos newsletter, I helped manage final details. With the Riverview newsletter, I developed the newsletter design and organize the information given to me to put on the newsletter. Overall, I believe that this break I was able to learn new things and, with the help of the Juntos staff, develop my skills even further.

Giovana Silva:

During the fall semester of 2012, I began to intern at Juntos Center for Advancing Latino Health. This has been a wonderful and rewarding experience so far and I plan to continue for the spring and summer semesters as well.

Throughout my first semester I learned and acquired many new skills that I will definitely be using in the future in many aspects.  I was able to partake in a research project concerning Latinidad and how it has influenced by contextual migration experiences.  After a survey taken in the Kansas City area, I was able to help put the project together by reviewing the results constructing charts, graphs, among other things as well. I learned a lot more about research and how much work and effort is needed to be put in to make it as legitimate as possible. Another project I was able to work on was research for breast cancer. In this project I was able to research, do some literature review, and discover more about breast cancer in itself.

Overall, my experience at Juntos has been great! I has have learned so much already and hope to learn much more!


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