Juntos from the eyes of a student and Research Assistant -Sophy Paulino

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Juntos from the eyes of a student and Research Assistant -Sophy Paulino

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Sophy Paulino, a 2013 Post-Baccalaureate student is now getting ready to enter the University of Kansas as a first year medical student. Throughout her Post-Bac year, she worked with JUNTOS and collaborated with Office of Cultural Enhancement and Diversity to develop a Medical Spanish curriculum for the KU medical school. This partnership resulted in a highly innovative curriculum that intends to teach Spanish to health professional, in a culturally competent manner.   Sophy looks back on her experience and she is very grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Paula Cupertino, Maria Alonso Luaces and Carolina Paredes Molina.  During the course of many months what started off as an abstract idea shaped itself into and amazing product that will enhance the medical education of numerous students.

Aside from her work with the Medical Spanish Sophy has been actively involved as a future member of the student body by serving as treasurer for the KU chapter of the Latino Medical Student Association. This student run organization has come a long way from its humble beginnings and is now well established on campus. This past year they hosted many events benefitting the Latino community. LMSA took great pride in selling tamales to help an uninsured, Latina woman pay for an emergency surgery.  They also raffled a kindle fire and raised over $500 dollars for La Casa Del Migrante in Tijuana, Mexico ̶  a center which aims to defend and promote human rights by offering meals, accommodations, spiritual support, and basic medical services to all migrants.

This past year LMSA achieved many important goals, including their trip to the LMSA National Conference in Houston, Texas. With the financial support of Dr. Paula Cupertino and the Department of Preventative Medicine south they went to Texas. On top of enjoying multiple pounds of delicious crawfish, they had the opportunity to network and meet very prominent Latino health professionals.  If asked, Sophy summarizes this trip as highly inspirational. She assures that this trip has motivated the KU chapter to set even higher goals. On a personal level she is very excited and says she is ready to start the school year with triple Ds: dedication, determination, and lots of discipline.

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