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Research Scholar present on VDS Pediatrics

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On September 4th, a line of anxious students at the University of Missouri-Kansas City awaited to present their research projects at the SEARCH Symposium. At the very head of the line stood Idaima Calderon, Juntos student intern, proudly displaying her poster about the new Ventanilla de Salud para Niños (VDSpN) project.


Idaima is beginning her fourth year as a Pre-Medical Health Sciences major at UMKC. There, she is not only known for her scientific achievements, but also for her work heading the only Latino student organization on campus. It was through her university that she received a scholarship to fund her own research. Since then, she has been an actively involved in the development and implementation of the VDSpN – a community-based health promotion program built in response to the health needs of Latino children in rural Kansas. She compiled her work and findings into a poster, with the help of her research mentor Dr. Paula Cupertino. Her final product was presented to students, professors, and faculty of UMKC. Now that she has completed her first poster presentation, she is looking forward to continuing her work at Juntos and with the VDSpN, and all of the exciting opportunities they may bring. Idaima aspires to become a physician who is known for making a difference in the Latino community around her.


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