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Students Week: 06/19 – 06/23

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Click here to get to know the students that participated this week:

On Monday the students had a session with Dr. Lisa Cox, the students were introduced to what are some of the main causes of cancer. She then proceeded to talk about the extent trend that exist between people that smoke and lung cancer. This served as a good way to show the importance that personal choices can have in one’s health while also highlighting some of the resources that exist today to stop some of this habits like la Guia para dejar de fumar.

On Tuesday the students had a brief talk on DPP (Diabetes Prevention Program) which is a year round program with the goal to prevent type 2 Diabetes in the Latino community of Kansas City and its surroundings. The students then had a session with Mariana Ramirez, Raquel Lopez and Luis Santana about Decidetext. Decidetext aims to work as an intervention by collecting more information about smoking habits to make an individualized treatment and an interactive 12 week message counseling program. The students got the chance to give their own input throughout the session.

On Wednesday Dr. Romina Barral had a session on reproductive health. She explained the students the importance of having the right information in relation to reproductive health. She talk about the her research study which focuses is to understand information, opinions, and behaviors about contraception, teen pregnancy, sexual activity, and family planning in rural Latino students in Kansas. The students then had a chance to learn how to more efficiently use databases.

On Thursday the students were taught by Maggie Cearly about the definition of health. She did this in order to give the students an initial idea of what people usually think when then think about the definition of health. She then proceeded to give the students a presentation on all the implications that concern health, which led the discussion into health disparities. The students were then shown a TED talk by Camara Jones about race and racism ( )  The students were then given multiple packets in which they got to use the lessons they used during the session.

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