T-SCORE 2017 Summer Institute Kansas City Week 1 and Wichita Teachers Week 2

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T-SCORE 2017 Summer Institute Kansas City Week 1 and Wichita Teachers Week 2

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There are many teachers enjoying their summer break as much as their students but this group of teachers are taking time off their break to better their students’ education. Starting on May 30th, T-SCORE welcomed teachers from USD 500 in Kansas City, KS and teachers from the USD 259 in the Wichita area. During the first week, the teachers experienced many real life scenarios and learning activities to broaden their understanding on how to create an effective Problem Based Learning (PBL) unit. PBL is a student-centered teaching where students learn through experiences and problem solving of an open-ended problem or question.

On Tuesday, May 30th, the teachers were welcomed by Dr. Cupertino and Dr. Tim Murrell whom  introduced PBL to the teachers. The teachers focused on designing driving questions and entry events so they could further develop for their unit. Dr. Won Choi spoke about health disparities and social determinants of health.  Dr. Won Choi emphasized how social aspects can be big determinants of a person’s’ health.

On Wednesday, May 31st, Sarah Hanson a teacher from Olathe North High School, did a teaching demo using entry events as inquiry to introduce new material. During this session, the teachers learned how to ask their students about their past injuries and their surrounding environmental factors, then use the information to develop a lesson on the importance of different healthcare careers. Dr. Maria Alonso Luaces, led the next session with a goal to teach them how to make a project authentic. The teachers learned to go outside of the classroom and implement their projects with a real life situations. Next, Marlen Ortiz taught the teachers how to use technological resources like documentaries as entry events (entry topic, activities, videos to catch students’ attention on topic). To close the day, Dr. Megha Ramaswamy and Dr. Ellerbeck taught the teachers how to get real world questions. They emphasized on the “What is the problem?” “Why does the problem exist?” and the “How do we fix it?”

On Thursday, June 1st, Sarah Hanson started with a discussion about the Hippocratic Oath (oath that physicians take). The teachers learned how to use real life examples to connect students with health careers. Dr. Maria Alonso Luaces taught the teachers how to use formative assessments to monitor progress in students. They also learned how to engage students as active participants in the assessment process. Later, the teachers had a lesson on how to effectively use rubrics and then worked on what kind of rubric would better fit their units. Lastly, Dr. Kim Richter talked to the teachers about Tobacco Control as a translational science.

On Friday, June 2nd, Sarah Hanson returned one more time to show the teachers a teaching demo about how to use questions to promote higher order thinking with a focus on Health Careers Webquest. After discussing what good quality student work looked like, the teachers showcased what they had on their project so far. Joi Wickliffe came to talk to about Qualitative assessment beyond numbers. The teachers ended their day working on their units. Using the knowledge they had gained thus far.

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