T-SCORE 2017 Summer Institute Kansas City Week 1- Wichita Teachers

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T-SCORE 2017 Summer Institute Kansas City Week 1- Wichita Teachers

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T-SCORE officially started on Monday May 22nd, in Wichita, KS. The teachers were welcomed by Karin Chang and Maggie Cearley. Here Karin  and Maggie  let the teachers know what was expected of them in the following weeks on T-SCORE. Following the opening, Dr. Megha Ramaswamy joined the teachers via Skype for a focus group on health disparities. After lunch, the teachers watched an Unnatural Causes video and had a discussion with Pamaline King-Burns. The first day closed with a talk from Karin and Maggie on how the use the information that they learned that day in order to connect it to the classroom.

Tuesday, May 23rd, the teachers engaged in a smoking cessation talk with Dr. Paula Cupertino. Following that, Maggie and Karin went presented an overview of T-SCORE Health Disparities and Advocacy units. Next, Dee Ann Bragg gave a community health needs assessment. After that, Kari Harris talked about adolescent health and the benefits that can come just from knowing more about it.

Wednesday, May 24th, the day started with Karen and Bob Badgett speaking about Organizational Leadership. This taught the teachers how to work collaboratively in teams, how to properly give peers feedback, and factors that lead to a positive organizational culture with engagement, learning and leadership styles. After lunch, the teachers had the opportunity to go to a KUMC Wichita Simulation lab where the got to experience in real life how would it feel to deliver a baby.

Thursday, May 25th, Lisette Jacobson talked to the teachers about women’s reproductive health. During this conversation, the teachers discussed risk and protective factors that contribute to disparities in women’s health and the impact on their cardiovascular health. They also identified disparities based on geography. After that conversation, Cari Schmidt shared information about infant mortality and explained to them how Wichita child mortality rate is really high. Here the teachers discovered drivers and preventive factors of infant mortality in different communities and community resources to address infant mortality, especially in their own community.

Friday, May 26th, teachers started learning about evaluation methods with Lisette Jacobson. Lisette had a mini workshop on planning, developing a logic model and surveying developing basics; she also touch on how to design a community intervention and have better health management in their community. They learned how to better handle management skill  strategies and mock interviews. Next, Deborah Kroeker presented a patient for a day simulation and explained things children need to be healthy. Kellie Hogan then talked to the teachers about Kansas legal services and the legal routes to address social determinants of health in Wichita. Dennis Cooely advocated as a physician explaining methods of advocating for patient health. The teachers got ready to go to Kansas City, KS for the next week.

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