T-SCORE 2017 Summer Institute Week 2 – Kansas City Teachers

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T-SCORE 2017 Summer Institute Week 2 – Kansas City Teachers

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The entire second week, in the morning, teachers focused and collaborated on their unit development. During this time they had the opportunity to share their ideas with the other teachers and faculty of University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC).

Monday, June 5th, teachers visited the Wyandotte Health Foundation to learn more about the health disparities in WYCO. The teachers got to see a more realistic point of view of difficult problems that many organizations face. The teachers also learned how Wyandotte Health Foundation is directly impacting the community. WHF and the teachers talked about how they can get more involved in the community.
Tuesday, June 6th, teachers had the opportunity to speak with a panel of KUMC researchers about the different health careers offered. Next, Dr. Cupertino explained ways to facilitate field trips for students and how to make it more accessible. This session served to lay out the major barriers preventing students from going on field trips and how to eliminate them. They were also provided with contacts within KUMC who they can call for more information and future plans they may have.

Wednesday, June 7th, they had the opportunity to meet with the JUNTOS Center for Advancing Latino Health team and were given a brief presentation of the current projects that are happening in JUNTOS and the disparities the Latino community face. Afterwards, the teachers had a session with Community Health Council of Wyandotte COunty (CHC) and discussed what a community worker is and how to get a  where they talked about health workers and how to get a health worker certificate.Teachers were provided with opportunities they can share with their students who are interested in the health of their communities. To end the day, teachers learned about some medical disparities around the world.

Thursday, June 8th, the teachers had a session on medical interpretation, medical translations into Spanish, and how to become more culturally competent. At the end of the day, they had a session on how to best use KUMC resources in their units and how to obtain them. They also learned about more effective ways to plan their lessons with help from Dr. Maria Alonso Luaces.

Friday, June 9th, a panel of representatives from different schools such as Donnelly College, UMKC, Samuel U Rodgers, KUMC, Rockhurst University, KCKCC, and JCCC joined the teachers to talk about how to get community college certificates and the benefits. The day ended with how to transcend business to health and how to create future entrepreneurs who care about the health of their community.

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