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2014 Binational Health Week

Another year Juntos joins efforts with the Mexican consulate in Kansas City, MO for Binational Health Week (BHW) activities. BHW is the largest mobilization efforts in the Americas to improve the health and well-being of the underserved Latino population living in the United States.




This year we started the activities with the Bike Safety Rodeo Health and Financial Fair. The event took place on Saturday October 4th, at the Gladstone Elementary School. The event attracted more than 200 underserved families. Bicycles were raffled for the children, and many educational information and health screenings were provided including free immunizations. Juntos provided free basic health screenings (BMI, blood glucose, and blood pressure), diabetes risk assessment, and breast cancer information to approximately 60 participants. Thank you to all our committed volunteers that helped us during that day.

Activities continued throughout the week with events organized every day from Monday October 6th to Friday October 10th at the Mexican Consulate in Kansas City, MO. A total of 250 Mexicans received information, and access to health from all the providers available at the consulate. It was a BHW effort from numerous providers in the community. Participants were able to get information on the Affordable Care Act enrollment periods, health lifestyles, dental health, mental health, access to care, breast cancer information, and free basic health screenings (BMI, cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure), and free immunizations from Walgreens. In addition, doctors volunteered their time to be available for one-on-one sessions for any consultations and participants that were identified as potential cases for diabetes, or hypertension were referred to a clinic.

In addition, Arturo Ponce joined efforts in Southwest Kansas and participated in the Annual Victory Electric Community Health Fair to initiate the efforts for BHW in SW Kansas. Himself and Promotoras de Salud from Dodge City provided basic health screenings (BMI, blood glucose, blood pressure), and educational information on breast cancer, STDs, and smoking cessation.

Thank you again to the Mexican Consulate to help us collaborate on BHW efforts, and to all our volunteers for their continuous support in all our community outreach events in the community. Every person we reach we are a little closer to building a healthier Latino community in Kansas and Missouri.

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Ventanilla de Salud in Liberal

On July 26th through the 27th Ventanilla de Salud held a health fair in Liberal, Kansas. This year, KUMC medical students, nursing, and nutrition students from Allied Health were able to attend and help out at the fair.

Services that were offered at the health fair include health screenings, dermascan, and fluoride treatments. Breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, and nutritional education information was also available.

For the first time in Ventanilla de Salud health fairs, focus groups for teens on reproductive education were conducted. Dr. Romina Barral organized and conducted these focus groups; topics that were discussed include birth control and teen pregnancy. Any questions they had about sex were also addressed. The purpose of this is to gauge how much adolescents know, what their thoughts were on the topics, and to disseminate knowledge. This new addition was well received by parents and their teens.


We’d like to thank all the volunteers, medical students, and students from allied health for making this health fair a success. Our next Ventanilla de Salud event is October 25th and 26th in Wichita, KS. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the following registration form: 


Ventanilla de Salud – Touchdown Family Fest

On July 19th Truman Medical Center had their annual “Touchdown Family Fest: Health & Wellness Extravaganza” at the Arrowhead stadium. Free health services included Adult/Children’s Physicals, Vision/Hearing Screenings, Dental exams, Clinical Breast exams, and much more.

The Ventanilla de Salud was able to take part in this year’s health fair and provided health screenings to 27 participants.

Juntos volunteers measured BMI and blood pressure while A.M.I.G.As Lucia Martinez and Gloria Martinez gave breast cancer educational talks and mammogram referrals.

We’d like to thank all of our Juntos Volunteers and the promotoras for all their help at the health fair.

Our next Ventanilla de Salud events will be on July 26th and 27th in Liberal, KS and in Kansas City, KS. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the following registration form: 

Dr. Cupertino, 2014 Community Engagement Award Winner

Paula Cupertino, Ph.D., associate professor in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, and director of JUNTOS Center for Advancing Latino Health, was named the 2014 winner of the Faculty Award for Scholarship in Community Engagement. This award recognizes Dr. Cupertino’s excellence in developing, implementing and sustaining regional engaged scholarship initiatives with the local and regional Latino community. Photo: Ryan Spaulding, Ph.D., Paula Cupertino, Ph.D., and Doug Girod, M.D.

The Institute for Community Engagement and the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor sponsor annual awards to recognize KU Medical Center faculty, students and community partners for excellence in community engagement. This is just the second year for the awards. Congratulations Paula!

Mexican Consulate gives JUNTOS a check to support Ventanilla de Salud

On May 15th the Mexican Consulate awarded JUNTOS a check to support the Ventanilla de Salud. The Ventanilla de Salud in Kansas is a health outreach program that provides Latino families with health information, free health screenings, and health insurance information.

This additional funding will help ensure that the Ventanilla de Salud continues to help Latino families in rural Kansas. We are very grateful for all the support we have received from the Mexican Consulate.

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