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Celebrating Healthy Families

Committee Members: Aracely Van Kirk, Brooke Groneman, Cielo Fernandez Ortega, Cristina Bernal-Estudillo, Edward Ellerbeck, Erica Andrade, Gabriela Flores, Jorgue Coromac, Maria Reyes, Paula Cupertino, Susan Garrett, Sharon Fitzgerald, Yolanda Hernandez, Ramon Concepcion

The mission of the “Celebrating Healthy Families” partnership is to increase awareness and access to health care for the uninsured/underserved Hispanic/Latino community in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Currently, the partnership is comprised of eight community-based and health care organizations who work to plan and implement the annual event, in an area with high concentration of Latinos.  The partnership also oversees and staffs the subsequent case management of event participants that require additional follow up and referral.

For the past five years, the “Celebrating Healthy Families” partnership has brought together community organizations across the region to run annual screening and education events and has provided health care access and education to approximately 4,000 underserved and uninsured Latinos.

These health events have screened blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, dental, vision and have promoted smoking cessation and healthy lifestyles (physical activity and healthy nutrition). The most recent health fair was held on October 9, 2010 at Heart to Heart International’s global distribution center.

Celebrating Healthy Families Partners:

Juntos Center for Advancing Latino Health
El Centro, Inc.
Coalition of Hispanic Women Against Cancer
Heart to Heart International
University of Kansas Cancer Center
University of Kansas Medical Center – Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas
Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics
The Mexican Consulate of Kansas City



KU Medical Center