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Have you thought about smoking?

Many Latino smokers would like to stop smoking but their chances of being treated are less than other ethnic groups. Decidetext will provide you with the opportunity to stop smoking!

Decidetext is a 5 year research study.The goal during these 5 years is to develop, recruit, and disseminate smoking cessation in other words give the people the tools to stop smoking.

You are eligible if you are:

This is a research study and it will have two groups. A control group and an intervention group. Both groups will receive basic information on how to stop smoking. The Decidetext group has developed an information booklet that has information like what are some commons reasons why people quit.

Decidetext will not only send text messages but it will also be able to send messages in platforms like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. Because research like this hasn’t been done in many years the information that the participants will be asked will be vast, it will include information that will allow us to see how acculturated they have become and what differences will it make. The total time of the intervention will be 6 months.

Do you want to know more about our program and how you can participate?

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KU Medical Center