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Promotores de Salud, El Centro, Inc.

In 2007, our community partner El Centro, Inc. and Dr. Cupertino collaborated to obtain grant funding to develop and implement a Promotores de Salud model in Kansas City. Ms. Cielo Fernandez and Mrs. Elizabeth Reynoso have been leading the implementation and training for the Promotores de Salud program at El Centro,Inc. Together they have recruited Latino community members and conducted trainings in several areas. The program has adopted “La Escuela Para Promotores” a training curriculum supported by the National Council of La Raza.

This curriculum was developed based on the “Empowerment Education – Popular Pedagogy” framework developed by Paulo Freire. During 12 sessions of training, the promotores learn leadership skills such as communication, teaching, advocacy, organization, and interpersonal skills. They are also trained in three specific cancer-prevention areas, which included the importance of physical activity, the promotion of the smoking cessation quit line, and healthy nutrition.

Promotores are not paid for their time and spend countless hours preparing trainings, and educational sessions for the community, conducting needs assessments, and advocating and assisting community members in navigating the health care and social service system.

After completing their training, the promotores are ready to promote healthy behaviors within their community through activities such as conducting a community-wide survey, volunteering at community health events, conducting outreach campaigns, engaging Spanish-speaking media outlets, and making culturally tailored family-oriented physical activities.

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