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Lisa Sanderson Cox, PhD


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Lisa Sanderson Cox, PhD is a faculty member in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, a member of the University of Kansas Cancer Center (KUCC) and Adjunct Faculty within the Department of Psychology at the University of Kansas.

She completed her bachelor’s degree at Northwestern University, her doctorate in clinical psychology at Purdue University, her residency at the University of Virginia, a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic and was previously an assistant professor at Georgetown University. Dr. Cox specializes in tobacco use treatment, cancer prevention and health disparities research, with focus on advancing treatment of Latino and African American smokers.

Dr. Cox is the Principal Investigator on the NCI-funded R01 study, Enhancing Tobacco Use Treatment among African American Light Smokers (2R01CA91912), and has completed NCI supported research evaluating tobacco use among Latinos. She serves as co-Investigator developing hospital-, telephone-, and telemedicine-based tobacco use treatment interventions and developing smoking cessation efforts through Latino community-based participatory research.

Dr. Cox is former co-chair of the Health Disparities Network of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco. She also is active nationally in training healthcare providers in tobacco use treatment.

Locally, she enjoys participating in JUNTOS community activities, and being involved in health education through her church and local public schools. Lisa also likes sledding or swimming (depending on the season), dancing, singing and reading with her three children.


Reaching and Treating Latino Smokers


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