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Stephanie Horton

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Stephanie acquired a Bachelor’s in Health Science degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in May 2016.  Stephanie started at JUNTOS, working with T-SCORE (Teachers and Students for Community Oriented Research & Education) as an intern, in January 2016.  After graduating, she started a summer position with JUNTOS, continuing to work with T-SCORE on planning and implementing the professional development program.  After she finished the summer program with T-SCORE, she was offered a position to work on ADORE and with the JUNTOS administration.  ADORE (Assessment of DHA on Reducing an Early Preterm Birth) is a project working with pregnant women that gives them DHA supplements.  Stephanie is the coordinator for this project and is in charge of recruiting 100 Latinas (English or Spanish speaking) in 3 years.  She is also helping with administrative tasks and with the medical and nursing students from Mexico.  Stephanie has also helped with Nutricity, a project aimed to create nutrition interventions through an online platform.  She has helped with numerous translations, transcriptions, and culturally adapting materials to fit the Hispanic/Latino population.  Stephanie is currently finishing her Master’s of Healthcare Administration at Park University and will continue to further her education and knowledge about the community.

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