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Stephanie Horton, BHS

Research Assistant

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Stephanie Horton, BHS is a research assistant at Juntos. She acquired a Bachelor’s in Health Science degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in May 2016.  Stephanie started at JUNTOS, working with T-SCORE (Teachers and Students for Community Oriented Research & Education) as an intern, in January 2016.  After graduating, she started a summer position with JUNTOS, continuing to work with T-SCORE on planning and implementing the professional development program.  After she finished the summer program with T-SCORE, she was offered a position to work on ADORE and with the JUNTOS administration.  ADORE (Assessment of DHA on Reducing an Early Preterm Birth) is a project working with pregnant women that gives them DHA supplements.  Stephanie is the coordinator for this project and is in charge of recruiting 100 Latinas (English or Spanish speaking) in 3 years.  Stephanie will also be working on a project called ADORE FOCUS where we will conduct focus groups to understand Latina’s prenatal care access and barriers, as well as views of participation in clinical trials.  She is also helping with administrative tasks and with the medical and nursing students from Mexico.  Stephanie has also helped with Nutricity, a project aimed to create nutrition interventions through an online platform.  She has helped with numerous translations, transcriptions, and culturally adapting materials to fit the Hispanic/Latino population.  Stephanie is currently finishing her Master’s of Healthcare Administration at Park University and will continue to further her education and knowledge about the community.

Stephanie loves spending time with her spunky daughter and outdoors.

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