Episode 2

Myths and Realities of Obesity in Children

Episode Description

Not sure if your daughter should finish all the food on her plate? Or are you worried that your child spends a lot of time on the cell phone and less active time? Childhood obesity is increasing globally, and children are at risk of developing diseases that used to be seen only in adults. In this episode, nutritionist Nydia Smith clarifies some of the most frequent questions about feeding children and gives practical tips to prevent childhood obesity.

Guest Information

Nydia is a Latina nutritionist who has worked in the Kansas City metropolitan area since 2017. She was born in South Texas and her family is originally from Mexico. During her studies, Nydia developed a passion for health and nutrition. She offers nutrition counseling to pregnant women, babies, and children. She is currently working on a nutrition project for the new audience called “Nydia’s Nutrition.”

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