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The main goal is to develop a comprehensive sustainable program at University Kansas Medical Center, fully integrated with the Latino community in Kansas that will both improve the health of the community and advance the field of health services research.

How We Serve

The Latino Community

JUNTOS continually participates in health outreach activities in both the Kansas City Metropolitan area and Southwest, Kansas. We support community health fairs by providing basic health screenings including blood pressure, blood glucose, body mass index (BMI), exhaled carbon monoxide, and identifying areas of the face with overexposure from the sun’s UV rays with dermascan equipment. We also provide health education and information about resources.


Team Members

JUNTOS Core Team


Mariana Ramírez, LMSW


Ileana Cepeda, MPH

Research Associate

Lilli Saavedra, BHS

Research Assistant


Mónica Fracachán Cabrera

Research Assistant

Ruth Ramos, BHS

Community Health Worker

Alma Patricia Ojeda

Community Health Worker

Griselda Jimenez Muñoz

Community Health Worker

Student Interns


Laura Espinosa

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo


Valeria Macias

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo


Iván Rodríguez

Universidad de Santiago de Compostela


Ruth Ramos

University of Missouri – Kansas City


Brittany Gallardo

University of Missouri- Kansas City


Cindy Shinkyeong Kim

Christianity Humanism Academia University

JUNTOS Members and Collaborators


Jaime Perales Puchalt, PhD

KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center (KU ADC)


Juliana Teruel Camargo, PhD, MPH

Dietetics & Nutrition (UKMC)


Vicki Collie-Akers, PhD, MPH

Department of Population Health


Romina L. Barral, MD

Children’s Mercy Hospital


Erin Corriveau, MD, MPH

KU Family Medicine

Community Advisory Board Members


Ramona Farris

Public Relations and Comm.
Partner and Consultant


Carolina Urible

Health Care
Bilingual Therapist


Edgar Galicia

Community-Based Organization
Director of CABA


Elizabeth Lopez

Latino media (printed & online)
2+2KC Bilingual Newspaper


Tom Miras

Health Care / Community Health
Community Health Worker


Bryan Carcamo

Care Coordination
Community Health Worker

Community Work

Projects & Services

Taking Down Tobacco

Food Assistance


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Latino Immigrant Accessing Healthcare in KC Report

Latino immigrants have many challenges in accessing healthcare, both nationally and in the Kansas City (Kansas and Missouri) area. Many struggle to acquire adequate insurance while others, because of their immigration status, have been excluded from any type of healthcare coverage, public or private. Latino immigrants have high poverty rates and experience health inequities that put them at higher risk of poor health outcomes. Although access to quality healthcare is recognized as an essential factor in health and well-being, communities often fail to ensure access to healthcare for all residents.

This report has four major sections: 1) how Latino immigrants see (perceive) their need for healthcare and the availability of healthcare in the area, 2) barriers Latino immigrants face to access healthcare, 3) bridges in the community that can assist Latino immigrants in overcoming barriers to healthcare access, and 4) recommendations for action. The focus of this report is on Latino immigrants living in Wyandotte County and Johnson County in Kansas, and those in Jackson County, Missouri.

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“En las clases de Prevención de Diabetes de JUNTOS yo aprendí a leer las etiquetas de los alimentos y a mejorar mis hábitos alimenticios. No se trata solamente de bajar de peso, sino de mejorar nuestro estilo de vida para siempre.”

“El cambio comienza por uno mismo, por lo que inicié el Programa de Prevención de Diabetes con JUNTOS. Este programa superó mis expectativas. Las personas que nos ayudaron fueron tan amables, tan profesionales y nos hacían sentir tan familiares que hicieron que este cambio de estilo de vida saludable sucediera de una manera muy natural. Les aconsejo que aprovechen el programa de JUNTOS para la prevención de la diabetes que su vida y su familia se lo va a agradecer.”